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Employer Information

The HR Coach offers the HR Recharge Program as a professional development tool specific to bringing lasting results for HR professionals to apply in their roles with your organization.

SHRM requires certified HR professionals to meet a certain number of CEUs depending on their certification level. The HR Recharge program is a perfect fit to achieving this goal.

Why The HR Coach? 

We have over a decade of practical, hands on Executive HR experience. We hold both SHRM-CP and HRCI-SPHR certifications and hold a certification as a Board Certified Coach with the CCE. We know exactly what it takes to be an HR leader in today's environment and offer an exclusive program not offered by any other coach in the industry.

How the Process Works

HR Recharge vs. Conferences

Conferences serve a purpose for networking, checking out new technologies, getting up to date on policy changes, and a host of other benefits. But, instead of sending your HR professional to a conference that will cost an average of $3,000 - $4,000 where they will be out of the office for three days, consider how specific coaching designed for HR professionals will have a lasting effect, beyond that new shiny thing at the conference.

Results of Coaching

Return on Investment

Employers recognize an average of six (6) times return on investment (ROI) of the cost of leadership coaching.

The HR Recharge Program

12-weeks | 60-minute sessions | One to one



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