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Putting the human back in Human Resources

At The HR Coach, we empower HR professionals through personalized HR coaching that cultivates confidence, aligns goals, enhances communication, and nurtures continuous growth. Together, we build a thriving environment where potential is unlocked, aspirations are realized, and lasting success is achieved.


The Resource for Human Resources

The Process

HR Coaching Focus Areas

We focus on behavioral competencies as defined by SHRM (Society of Human Resources Management), to work with our clients to accelerate the realization of their development goals including:



  • Delivering Messages

  • Exchanging Organizational Information

  • Listening



  • Networking

  • Relationship Building

  • Teamwork

  • Negotiation

  • Conflict Management



  • Navigating the Organization

  • Vision

  • Managing HR Initiatives

  • Influence

SHRM Recertification

Participants who complete the full 12-week HR Recharge Coaching program is eligible for 12.5 SHRM recertification credits and a certificate of completion from The HR Coach.

Our Unique Approach

One on One

All coaching sessions are confidential one on one sessions where the HR professional feels encouraged to share and dive deep into what may be holding them back from their full potential.

Rediscovering Why

We will get to the bottom of 'why' the HR professional choose HR as a career path. We will use this as a grounding reminder throughout each session. This powerful tool equates true and successful change.


Coaching is about giving the space to support individuals on their journey of self discovery. 12 weeks of consistent sessions brings about true lasting change at a pace that feels natural for the HR professional.

Goals Approach

Goals are what drive us forward, what keep us motivated, and allow for reach change in the workplace. This process allows the HR professional to choose SMART goals and meet real results in 12-weeks.


We all need an accountability partner to set tangible goals and reach goals. That is what The HR Coach offers clients in every session. We are not only a cheerleader but we will follow up on goals and set deadlines.

Holistic Coaching

We coach the whole person. This approach feeds into true and lasting authentic change because we dive into outside forces and not singularly career focused change. 

The HR Recharge Program

One on One Coaching




Group Coaching

Join the conversation!

Join other HR professionals every other week to navigate the world of HR your cheerleaders!

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Open to speaking!


We are open to presenting at your next HR-focused  workshop or conference.

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