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Something's Missing

She was in her mid-twenties, stressed to the heavens because she wanted more out of my career. She spends countless hours both pushing for her MBA and working a full-time job as a Financial Analyst in a career that isn’t exactly her niche. She is burning at both ends and doesn’t know where to turn. She can turn to her friends, family, co-workers and anyone who will listen all she wants but something is missing. So, she decides to see a therapist. After many therapists, something was still missing. She made career moves that she thought was right and took the plunge into the career she’s always wanted. But again, unhappy. She was sick of complaining and tired of apologizing for being so ambitious. The most recent therapist gave me an “AH-HA” moment.

After the last therapist, I discovered a trend…I seek help when I get overly worked and feeling helplessly stressed. But not about my home life, not about my personal relationships and not about “finding myself”. But instead workplace stress was my trigger. I would go off on tangents and rant about my day whenever I saw my therapist. And she helped a little. But I could tell she was not sure how to handle me.

One day, at a Leadership retreat in Boston, I participated in a workshop where the key speaker described her days spent by helping people be their best at their job. Hearing her talk about one of her first clients was so eye opening. This client loved her job but felt stuck. She didn’t know how to get ahead, earn more money and reach for the promotion. And I thought to myself, that’s how I feel.

Challenge accepted! I want to do the same thing for women in my home town. Then one night, as I sat at home with my dogs and flipped through yet another study guide for an up and coming certification, I realized, I needed to talk to someone who could give me tools to find my best self in my career. So, I embarked on a journey…

My journey brought me to coaching.

And here I am today, professionally trained in executive leadership and career coaching. I’ve discovered that coaching is a journey and does take time. However, there isn’t anything that can’t be solved through coaching, especially if it means career happiness. I challenge you to discover what one coaching conversation can do for your career, especially if you feel like I did when I was in my twenties.

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